About Us

Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) is an innovative premix and macro pack feed company that involves a selected group of individuals that combined their renowned expertise in the animal nutrition chain. The stakeholders all complement each other, operating and interacting as a globally respected and very talented and dynamic team of professionals. It has been operating since September 2008.

The company has outperformed its initial expectations and continues to grow from strength to strength. In a short period of time ANH expanded its business significantly through the supply of technologically advanced macro packs, concentrates, premixes & other speciality products with combined support services to customers in the animal feed and production chain throughout South Africa and other African countries.

The use of innovative feed knowledge, backed by unique intellectual property owned by its experienced animal nutritionists, differentiates ANH’s business model from other feed premix businesses. Its access laboratory/NIR service further complements the optimal use of ANH’s products by ensuring that the premix and macro pack specifications finally consumed by the animal or bird accurately reflects that of the custom-specific formulas developed by the ANH consulting experts. It also provides advice and support to assist clients in the use of a range of ingredients that are most valuable from a cost and performance perspective and that would be used in the most optimal way together with ANH’s premix products and macro packs under specific conditions.

The main message we strive to portray is:

Scientific excellence in products and services in order to add value to our customers businesses!